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Executive Leadership Workshops for Women

 The Executive Leadership Skills for Women sessions are a unique series of round table workshops for a small, highly focused group of women at key career steps. The sessions are presented in collaboration with Cindy Steiner of Steiner International Communications. 

Talking Science In Business

A special one-hour program specifically for PhDs and Post-Docs. An intense, fun and practical program on making the transition from academia to corporate life.   Designed  for the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel Switzerland and now available everywhere. 

'Tips that make a huge difference right at the beginning and during the interview' 

Interested in bringing this to your university or institute?  Contact me to schedule a session.

PREP For Success: Free Webinar

PREP is a simple, powerful tool that helps you communicate clearly and convincingly. Watch the free webinar to learn the basics.

For more in-depth advice, download our companion workbook, PREP For Success

Group Politics: People, Power and Perception

 Group politics are important whenever people with competing goals and limited resources must work together. It’s like watching foxes, birds and elephants competing for access to water. No wonder we call some people ‘political animals!’  

What turns people into political animals? Are politics always bad? In this session you will learn a 2-dimensional model to identify different types of political animals in the jungle. Then you will learn a simple framework for taming the animals and handling any political situation.  

Group Politics is available as a lecture or half-day seminar  

Building a Powerful Network

 At every career stage you need people for advice, support, referrals, or a sounding board. You call these people your network, but are you getting the most from these relationships? How do you build and leverage your network? Learn a new approach to networking, how to make effective contacts in a short time, and how to get the most out of your networking opportunities.  Building a Powerful Network is available as a lecture or half-day seminar    

Mentors Sponsors and Advocates

What are they? Do you need one? Do you need several? How can they help you? Learn the difference between these three valuable career boosters, and how each can help you. Leave with specific techniques for finding and engaging each one, what to expect, and what your role is in the relationship.  Mentors, Sponsors and Advocates is available as a lecture or half-day seminar  

Energize from Within: Simple Ways for Better Days

 In the daily struggle to balance the many demands on our time and attention, it’s easy to forget time to recover. Yet without resilience and recovery we risk burnout. 

Learn how to make it through the craziness of your day using food choices, movement, laughter, and short quiet periods to manage your energy levels. These strategies work for high-level corporate executives, and they can work for you!  

Energize From Within is available as a lecture or half-day seminar