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Executive Leadership Workshops for Women

 We have presented our flagship series of round-table workshops in the US and Europe. Our attendees love learning and practicing communication and leadership skills in a small group of like-minded women.  

...Interaction and feedback were the best parts...I get very little in my positions...
...PREP model was a quick and easy way to organize thoughts, present an argument...

...This course made me more confident...

If you want focused attention in an intimate workshop setting, with women just like you, email us for the dates of upcoming sessions .

Building a Strong Professional Image: Subtle Rules for Making Your Best Impression at Work


A special one-hour program specifically for PhDs and Post-Docs at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel Switzerland. An intense, fun and practical program on making the transition from academia to corporate life.
'Tips that make a huge difference right at the beginning and during the interview'

Interested in bringing this to your university or institute?